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Our philosophy

We believe the keys to successful organisations and high-performing employees are:
– the ability to define and clearly communicate targets and performance expectations
– leadership based on a coaching approach
– ongoing efforts to achieve greater self-understanding and awareness
– clear matching between the organisation’s capabilities and expected results in connection with new hires and further development of existing resources.

Morality and ethics

Everything People Impact does must proceed from high standards of morality and ethics. This position covers all of the company’s relationships.

People Impact treats everyone with whom it comes into contact with utmost respect and stakes its honour on the discretion and confidentiality the task demands. If we receive a query from a potential client in one of the many industries we work in, we check with our existing clients before accepting the new assignment.

In every interaction and every specific situation, we ask ourselves about the moral and ethical aspects. Through this awareness, we create an unquestioned attitude concerning that which is the foundation of our business – credibility and the trust that our clients and candidates need to feel.

Our story

We, Anne Barbosa and Boel Lundell, brought our many years of experience in Recruiting, Executive Search and Second Opinion together in 2005 to form People Impact.

When we started the company, the idea was to create a business based on close relationships with our clients, a flexible approach and openness to collaboration in various forms to perform our assignments in the optimal way.

Collaboration and understanding of the creativity that resides in differences and diversity are still the cornerstones of our business.