Second opinion

In-depth assessment and Second opinion

In-depth assessment is a central part of all our assignments. Below four different areas, where this is applicable, are described.

We have extensive experience in conducting in-depth assessments and are proud of our ability to create meetings where openness and trust provide the basis for well-founded assessments.

1. In-depth assessment as part of an entire recruitment assignment

We carry out in-depth assessments as a central part of the final phase of our recruitment assignment as a quality assurance and verification of the agreed profile of demands.

2. Second opinion

An in-depth assessment can also be carried out as an independent assignment, when final candidates are selected by our client or if the final candidate is matched against an internal candidate, for example. For internal recruitment processes, People Impact can, as an independent external party, through a Second opinion, contribute to the decision-making process by providing valuable information that strengthens our client's decision-making process.

3. Potential assessment

An in-depth assessment can also be used as an evaluation tool for the selection of candidates for high potential programmes, trainee programmes or equivalent.

4. Management audit

In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses and potential within a management team, in-depth assessments can be performed. The purpose can be, for example, for a new CEO to quickly gain an overview of the potential of the management team or generally analyse it as part of imminent changes within or outside the company. An in-depth assessment can also be used as a sharp tool for management team development.

What is included in an in-depth assessment?

An assessment is always linked to general or specific expectations. These expectations may vary depending on the purpose of the assessment. We assess how well the individual matches the position in terms of skills and experience, as well as personality, working methods, values and driving forces.

Prior to an in-depth assessment, relevant tests are conducted either by us or as requested by our customer. People Impact holds certificates for multiple personality tests and problem-solving tests.

The essence of the assessment is an in-depth interview where we structure the individual's way of working and his or her approach, in relation to the expectations. The consultants of People Impact are experienced and senior. All consultants have each conducted between 1500 and 2000 in-depth assessments over 15-20 years.

In an assessment, we provide clear feedback to the interviewee and our goal is that an in-depth interview at People Impact should be perceived as a personal investment, also for the candidate, regardless of the outcome. Through our solid experience of in-depths assessments, we create good conditions for a meeting where the candidate feels seen based on who he/she really is.

Reference checking

When relevant, references can be used in connection with the in-depth assessment.