Executive search

Executive search – Recruitment

To successfully attract the right people to executive positions, as well as specialist roles, experience, credibility and clear integrity are required. This in turn demands that we have excellent knowledge of our client's organisation and the requirements and expectations that the current position demand.

As in other types of projects, the initial analysis is crucial for a successful assignment. We therefore place great importance in getting to know our client's organisation and understand what is crucial to success. We are curious and know that much of what we need to understand is not about what is documented, but about culture, attitude and values. In order to successfully lead a business, the key is often to be able to handle these kinds of factors.

We are creative in our way of identifying and attracting those who have the prerequisites to succeed in the role we seek. The choice of search method rarely interests our customer, but it is our professionalism and the result that count. Therefore, we use the channels we judge being successful for each individual assignment.

To attract the people that we have identified requires the ability to describe the role in a credible and realistic way. Our task is to find the people who are motivated by the mission just the way it is. With the existing challenges and with the results expectations. Motivation is a crucial success factor.

We are in constant dialogue with our client during the process. All according to our customer's wish. We have a clear and structured approach and present the CVs of possible candidates early in the process. After personal meetings we, together with our client, determine which people are deemed interesting enough for us to want to meet them in an in-depth assessment. You can find a more detailed description of what this entails here

In-depth assessment - Second opinion

References are a concluding and very important part of our process. References are always taken by the consultant who conducts the tests and in-depth interviews. This is an important base in our reference methodology as it is with tests and structured in-depth interviews as a basis that the consultant has the opportunity to ask the most relevant questions to the referent.

Throughout the process, until our contractor's employment decision, we are active advisors. With our experience and expertise and with our sincere commitment, we contribute to our customer's decision-making process in a valuable way.