Executive search – Recruitment

It takes experience, credibility and unmistakable integrity to attract the right people for executive and senior management positions as well as specialist roles. And the prerequisite for that is outstanding knowledge about our client’s organisation and their requirements and expectations for the position.

As in other types of projects, the initial analysis is critical to accomplishing the mission. That is why we put huge emphasis on getting to know our client’s organisation and understanding what will be truly critical to success. We are deeply interested and know that much of what we need to understand is not about the documentation – it is about culture, attitude and values. The skill to manage these types of circumstances is often the key to successfully leading an organisation.

We take a creative approach to identifying and intriguing the people who have what it takes to succeed in the role we are looking to fill. Our clients are rarely interested in our search methods: our professionalism and results are what count. Accordingly, we use the channels we believe will be successful in each individual assignment.

The ability to describe the role in a realistic and credible way is essential to attracting the people we have identified. Our task is to find the people who are motivated by the job as it really is. With the challenges that exist and the company’s performance expectations. Motivation is a critical success factor.

We engage in ongoing dialogue with our clients throughout the process, always in line with the client’s wishes. Based on a clear and structured method, we present the CVs of potential candidates early in the process. After face-to-face meetings, we and the client jointly decide which people are considered interesting enough that we want to meet with them for an in-depth Second Opinion. A more detailed description of what this involves follows.

References are a very important and concluding element of the process. The consultant performing the tests and in-depth interviews always takes references. This is a key basis for our reference method, because it is on the basis of tests and structured in-depth interviews that the consultant has the opportunity to ask the reference persons the most relevant questions.

We are active advisors throughout the process, all the way to the hiring decision. With our experience, skill and tremendous dedication, we make valuable contributions to our client’s decision process.